Meeting Minutes: November 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (20 of 48): Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Woody Favinger, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Jerry Neil, Randy Nunez, Likkit Pocinwong, Brian Prouty, Erin Riley, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn, Lee White

Next meeting:    Saturday, November 17, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. (prior to EOY Business Meeting)

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza – 20 of 48 members present (12 needed to establish quorum)

III. Approval of minutes – Paul Cox – Motion to approve October minutes passed

 IV. Open items

  • EOY Business Meeting – Stephanie Steiner
    • Meeting with ownership from 5-6 p.m.
    • Awaiting final agenda from FO
    • Kris Mydske and Lee White managing Q&A portion
    • AC presentation
      • Shift of structure with Executive Committee and work groups
      • Work group accomplishments notable by and impacting Alliance
      • Championship banners
      • Meeting with Adidas; third kit design and women’s attire
      • Emphasis on how individuals are elected to AC
    • Tables for Alliance Members and Sounders Community Trust
  • Jock tag design – Paul Cox
    • Will not be mentioned at EOY meeting
    • In communication with Mayor’s Office re use of City of Seattle logo; mid-November decision
    • December 1 deadline to submit design
    • Sam Chesneau to send request to Duwamish tribe to approve use as well
    • Likkit Pocinwong and Jerry Neil will design back-up option if either City of Seattle or Duwamish tribe rejects proposal
  • Soccer Hall of Fame – Paul Cox
    • New location needed
    • Pioneer Square a possibility, but expensive to fund
    • Suggestion to combine display with Clubhouse
    • Similar to WA State Hall of Fame with traveling exhibits from National Hall of Fame
    • City providing grants to help small businesses form cultural/heritage exhibits (e.g., pinball museum)
    • Proposed resolution: AC supports honoring WA State’s contribution to US soccer; unanimous approval

V. Open discussion

  • October 27 match wanding
    • Insufficient number of wanders or space
    • Some with 45-minute delay from entry to seats
    • Many missed new banner presentation and first kick
    • Bag check goes faster than wanding
    • Bigger march, stronger push for fans to enter early and full stadium match all contributors to delay
    • Training and consistency issues
    • Discuss with FO prior to and/or at EOY Business Meeting outlining specific concerns
      • Consistency with bag handling; whether to set it down or not, and where
      • Number of wanders per line
      • Distance between bag check and wander should be increased
      • Number of staff for open bowl matches
  • Univision
    • 16-minute piece on SSFC and soccer in Seattle
    • Aired on national network
    • Discussed the Club, supporter groups, AC, players, etc.
    • SSFC retweeted link November 3
    • Missing Latino viewership and fan base
  • 2015 planning
    • First Tuesday of every month meeting day
    • Set and advertise schedule ahead of time so that candidates may determine if it makes sense to run for election based on schedule
    • Double-check Mariners schedule to make sure meetings will not conflict; only three conflicting games next season
    • Consider meeting at Clubhouse and parking in north lot, if available
    • Allow new members to have input in decision; find out who has been elected and float first Tuesday preference now
  • Sounders Community Trust (SCT)
    • S2 discounted tickets on-sale with purchase of SCT membership
    • 750 available (plus additional 200 for ECS members)
    • Unlimited number of Founders Club memberships available at this time (approximately 800 sold)
    • 2-4 Board positions available to fill during the season
    • S2 hired ticketing, public relations and marketing staff
    • Schedule tentatively all Friday and Sunday matches (with exception of Open Cup)
    • Good time to get involved, and ideas are welcomed

VI. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed

Meeting Minutes: October 2014

7:00 p.m.  CenturyLink Field

Present (15 of 48): Kyle Boyd, Samuel Chesneau, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Woody Favinger,
Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Likkit Pocinwong, Brian Prouty, Daniel Roe, Kristina Vaughn, Kelly Weiler, Lee White

Guests:  Taylor Graham, John Rizzardini

Next meeting:    Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II.Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

  1. 15 of 48 members present
  2. 12 needed to establish quorum

III. Approval of minutes – Paul Cox – Motion to approve September minutes passed

IV. FO guest speakers

  • John Rizzardini
    • Originally with Seahawks and returned in February to assist SSFC with launch of new office
    • Leased 12,000 square feet of office space and 3,500 square feet of store front on seven-year lease
      • Private-functioning store front space for viewing parties, player appearances, press conferences, etc.
      • “Sounders Clubhouse”
      • Planned festive décor honoring history and appropriate atmosphere to host events
        • Trophy cases
        • Memorabilia (old kits, banners from visiting teams, etc.)
        • As much team nostalgia as possible
        • Tifo displays throughout the years
        • At least one seasonal wall to always keep the display interesting
        • Soccer hall of fame
        • Rotating exhibit items
        • Mosaic of crest out front or on the floor
        • Organized so that it’s easy to get in and out and take photos
      • No revenue plan other than renting it out for private events
      • Holds 175 people mixed seated/standing
      • Caterer with liquor license planned for Phase I
      • 12 viewing parties planned with question of how to encourage attendance
        • Player appearances
        • Coach to answer questions about strategy
        • Family-friendly so that parents may bring children
        • Match Pass points available (entry with Match Pass card)
        • Inclusive/flat fee menu
      • Consider hosting radio shows (e.g., KJR, Sonar Feed, podcasts)
      • Supporter groups to rotate hosting viewing parties to introduce membership to space
      • Email John and/or Taylor with additional Clubhouse ideas
  • Taylor Graham
    • EOY celebration set for Saturday, November 15
      • Hope that non-match Saturday and new Paramount Theatre location will increase attendance
      • Will distribute agenda and link to submit questions to AC
      • Normal AC year-end summary with Q&A to follow
    • Recognition for Landon Donovan on October 27
      • Presentation when he gets off of the bus
      • Chihuly piece in red, white and blue
      • Xbox console personalized for USMNT
    • No on-field presentation; everything will be done in the back of the house, filmed and played during warm-ups
    • Match Pass reward for Alliance member to give gifts to Landon on behalf of the club with one AC member
    • Drawing of interested AC members; Samuel Chesneau selected to present
  • Always looking for ideas for Match Pass rewards

 V. Open items – pushed to September agenda

  • Alliance logo – Kyle Boyd
    • Symbolizes who we are as an Alliance and AC
    • Blue shield in crest expanded as it represents the fans
    • Present new logo to Alliance at EOY celebration
    • Taylor will discuss two final design options with the FO and update AC
  • Jock tag design – Paul Cox
    • Design due for kits by December 1
    • First round selection to be completed by AC only rather than a contest
    • Tag will be on all three kits in 2016
    • Send Likkit Pocinwong and Jerry Neil ideas
  • Scarf design – Kristina Vaughn
    • Winner (option 3) notified
    • Daniel Roe and Kristina notifying runner-ups this week
    • Winner announced pre-match during warm-ups on October 27
    • Video boards will display scarf selected by Alliance
    • Suggestion to display photo of winner, if unable to be there in-person
    • Question to produce as a summer or winter scarf
      • Taylor to confirm that quote is the same for summer or winter
      • Consider pushing final choice back a week to allow poll at EOY celebration
      • AC to poll constituents for general preference
  • 2016 scarf competition – Daniel Roe
    • Adobe offered to sponsor product to assist in creative experience/design submission
    • Product free for one month whether used to design a scarf or not
    • Winner would receive a year’s worth of Adobe products
    • Adobe logo does not need to be included anywhere; SSFC sensitive to avoid logos on anything fan-initiated with the exception of Adidas
    • Online tutorial available for those who would like to utilize free trial
    • No requirements to use Adobe product in designing scarf, provide credit card information, or sign-up for a newsletter
    • Important for AC to support sponsorship opportunities when possible
    • Motion to allow Adobe to sponsor 2016 scarf design contest passed
  • EOY meeting – Brian Prouty
    • AC to present eight-minute summary of achievements over the year
      • Announce scarf design winner and whether winter or summer
      • Announce new Alliance logo
      • Normal Q&A period
    • Promote attendance
    • Alcohol will be available
    • AC and supporter group tables set-up
    • Possible for club photographer to be present to make all photos available online post-event
  • S2 – Paul Cox
    • Summary of October 14 launch
    • Founders Club membership available to all fans and supporter groups

VI.  Open discussion

  • Drums in north end – Kristina Vaughn
    • Drumming interfering with match atmosphere
    • North end bleachers designated as supporter group area (flags, standing and drums allowed)
    • Kristina to discuss with FO and update AC as needed
  • November meeting – Angelica Mendoza
    • November 11 meeting shifted to November 18 due to holiday
    • Recommendation to shift up to November 4 to allow meeting prior to EOY celebration

 VII.  Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed

Meeting Minutes: September 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (18 of 48): Kyle Boyd, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Woody Favinger,
Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Jerry Neil, Randy Nunez, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Erin Riley, Stephanie Steiner, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn

Guests:  Taylor Graham, Megan West

Next meeting:    Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

  1. 18 of 48 members present
  2. 12 needed to establish quorum

III. FO guest speakers – Megan West and Taylor Graham

  • Megan West – Senior Manager, Loyalty Programs and Special Projects
  • Match Pass program
    • 10-11k accounts with 35% average engaging in Match Pass program
    • Options include swiping on match day, entering codes, redeeming rewards, contest entry, etc.
    • Would like to maintain engagement from both those who prefer 20% return and those who prefer to redeem
    • All points expire at the end of calendar year (December 31)
    • No ability to email pass owners with current point value; however push notifications via the Sounders FC app would be helpful
    • Rewards typically posted on Tuesday or Wednesday during the work day; suggested to vary this to widen impact
    • Free items offered during window regardless of point value
    • Suggestion of one default card that accumulates all points from all cards on the account (one value for entire account rather than separate for each card)
    • Some feel as though they will never earn enough to actually redeem for something valuable
    • Bonus points currently issued for STH renewal as well as years as STH
    • Reward suggestions
      • Attend post-match press conference
      • VIP status at practice at Starfire
      • Choose starting 11 for international friendly
      • Message of choice on big screens
      • Personalized voicemail greeting or video by player
    • Send additional ideas to Megan or Executive Committee who will route accordingly
    • AC to discuss future direction of program at November meeting


  • EOY business meeting
    • Adjusting venue and time of year; switch to weekend date to make more appealing
    • Planning on November mid-playoffs (targeting the week of the FIFA match)
    • Evening preference; afternoon event conflicts with community youth matches
    • Suggestion of improved communication re purpose of the event
    • Work group requests information as early as possible to aid in organizing/assisting
    • Send suggestions to Megan or Executive Committee who will route accordingly


  • Taylor Graham – Senior Director of Business Operations
  • Recognition for Landon Donovan at October 25 match
  • League approached SSFC inquiring as to how they will honor as ambassador for game and important figure in American soccer
  • General fan base would support some sort of recognition
  • Nationally broadcasted on ESPN
  • Suggestions
    • Do not honor prior to the match
    • Focus on USMNT achievements rather than MLS
    • Videotaped presentation hours before match displayed pre-match or during halftime
  • FO will devise initial plan and run by AC for feedback

 IV. Open items

a) 2015 scarf design – Kristina Vaughn

  • Link distributed yesterday
  • September 19 deadline to submit designs
  • Clarify up-front design limitations (what is allowed and what is not)
  • Artistic representation of Space Needle is allowed
  • Over 200 designs submitted last year
  • Work group disqualified from participation
  • AC to help message that fans wanted this opportunity and initiative was not imposed by FO
  • Ranked voting not possible; pick your favorite only
  • Winner to be announced at October 25 fan appreciation match

b) Work group updates – Stephanie Steiner

  • Match day table – Leann Johnson
    • Feedback returned to FO
    • Need more support to work table, if we wish to continue
  • Charitable partners – Angelica Mendoza
    • FO designated five partners
    • Offer for AC to select which to eliminate and propose another
    • AC does not wish to pursue
  • Banners from past championships – Stephanie Steiner
    • Banners will not be purchased this season
    • Fans proposed to raise money to purchase; FO did not accept
    • Will be brought up at EOY business meeting
  • AC online – Pablo Mendoza
    • Discussion re external AC site linked to main SSFC page
    • Questions re funding, management and control going forward
    • Ability to maintain site increases significantly with external site
    • Work group to determine funding and proposal to FO
  • 40th Anniversary – Paul Cox
    • Rumors of special warm-up suit for last match
    • Many things planned for fan appreciation match versus VAN
  • FO presentations – Roberta King
    • October – “Fan Innovation Center”
    • November – EOY meeting preparation
  • Giveaways for STHs – Brian Prouty
    • Suggestions submitted to FO
    • FO reviewing and considering proposals
  • Third kit design – Paul Cox
    • No input in third kit; instead have the option of neck or jock tag
    • Will devise work group to come up with simple plan for jock tag design
    • Adidas will work with us on trademark issues
    • 2016 release
  • AC logo – Kyle Boyd
    • Likkit Pocinwong has a draft design ready for review
    • Kyle to follow-up and report back to AC
  • EOY meeting questions – Woody Favinger
    • Will discuss with FO re form for completing questions
    • Work group to determine and execute plan
  • EOY meeting – Angelica Mendoza
    • Angelica to lead coordination with FO and determine AC involvement
    • Goal of 2k attendees

c) USL Pro – Paul Cox

  • Team willing to give fans ownership stake in USL Pro team
  • Fans to create separate organization to assume ownership; non-profit with members owning a share
  • Non-equity share; even if team turns a profit, owners do not get paid
  • Benefits include discounts, special events and meetings, etc.
  • Hoping for employee in FO to work as liaison to fan ownership and interact with community
  • Suggestions
    • Small Board of Directors
    • Sell business sponsorships
    • Keep Alliance and AC as it is, though AC would like updates
    • Give USL Pro STHs membership in Alliance
    • Solicit volunteers to launch USL Pro Board; significant time/energy commitment
  • Concerns re losing AC talent to USL Pro Board, though do not have to be on AC to assist
  • 5-7 person Board with regular planning meetings; volunteers to talk to community and spread the word
  • Huge campaign to generate public interest
  • Marketing support to be provided by FO
  • Opportunity for Seattle to trail blaze in American soccer
  • No one able to purchase larger portion of ownership
  • Founders Club available to those who purchase within limited time; otherwise able to buy-in at any time
  • SSFC wishes to announce within a month at a press conference
  • PDX and VAN will announce around same time as SSFC; SSFC only to announce fan ownership component
  • Amended motion for USL Pro work group to launch and run independent from AC with regular updates and opportunities for AC to provide non-binding feedback passed
  • AC authorizes work group (and ultimately Board) to work independently

V. Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passed

Meeting Minutes: August 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (12 of 48): Jon Burris, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza,
Pablo Mendoza, Jeff Randle, Erin Riley, Heather Satterberg, Stephanie Steiner, Dylan Vanderhoof, Kelly Weiler

Guest:   Andrew Opatkiewicz

Next meeting:    Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

  1. 12 of 48 members present
  2. 12 needed to establish quorum
  • FO guest speaker – Andrew Opatkiewicz
  • Joined FO four weeks ago from Chicago
  • Focused on elevating, planning for and launching second team
  • Mid-September official announcement and launch event
  • USL Pro – “winning is learned and you are the future”
    • Taking place of Sounders Reserve League; term “reserve” no longer appropriate
    • Number one goal is player development
    • Team kit design, sponsorship and name still TBD
    • Likely to maintain mark and name for brand consistency
    • Starfire location most likely for foreseeable future
    • Matches on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons when first team is away
    • Affordable pricing and goal to sell out every match (4k fans)
    • 14-15 home matches each season, potential for three playoff matches, and no friendly
    • Coaching TBD; separate head coach with good working relationship with Sigi
  • Every USL Pro team to play in an Open Cup
  • Components of club designed to give back and interact with the community
  • Working closely with VAN and PDX to boost rivalry and build version of Cascadia Cup
  • Utilize digital media (e.g., YouTube stream for every match) to promote connection to club
  • Aim to increase accessibility with improved parking and public transportation options
  • Opportunity develop sports executives in FO
  • Fan ownership ideas
    • Elected Board of Governors; President part of Executive Team (Packers model)
    • Limit number of people on Board to ensure all have a voice
    • Ownership buy-in provides capital to expand on training facilities (e.g., every founding member owns a brick)
    • Deeper discounted season tickets for those who purchase share
    • Ownership limited to 3,200 to allow for 800 single match tickets
  • AC input
    • Outreach to all youth teams (not just select); foster connection between youth players and USL Pro coaches
    • Friendlies unimportant; care if a player gets hurt more than if we win
    • Give fans incentive to recruit others and create authentic atmosphere
    • Preference to allow beer/alcohol in grandstands
    • Consider ECS Barra Fuerza Verde model of creating a family atmosphere while supporting
    • Outreach to diverse population in Tukwila (consider bilingual, cash only, etc.) and ECS Pub League
    • Desire for exclusive item as club owner (e.g., retro kit); visible sign of ownership
    • Incentives that route back to ProShop (e.g., store credit or discount)
    • Separate opportunity to purchase a share and brick
    • Avoid pricing out authentic atmosphere by having all seats sold to owners
    • Ensure opportunities for connection aren’t exclusively tied to financial investment

 III. Open items – pushed to September agenda

 IV.  Adjournment – meeting adjourned

Meeting Minutes: July 2014

July 8, 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (17 of 48): Kyle Boyd, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Woody Favinger, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Jerry Neil, Matt Oak, Brian Prouty, Stephanie Steiner, Patrick Van Der Hyde, Dylan Vanderhoof, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn

Guests: Taylor Graham, Mikaela Purvis, Ian Winklmann

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

a) 17 of 48 members present

b) 13 need to establish quorum

III. FO guest speakers – Mikaela Purvis and Ian Winklmann

  • Mikaela – Fan Relations Manager, and Ian – Ticket Sales Manager
  • Both with SSFC for over a year
  • Biggest challenge so far is Galaxy match date change due to League, City and television partner decision
    • Solution not ideal, but FO doing everything it can to accommodate fans with issues due to date change
    • Happy hour atmosphere pre-match; pre-match pint pricing until kickoff, 20% discount on t-shirts and tank tops, souvenir cup with purchase, and double Match Pass points
  • Starfire match ticketing
    • Avoid electronic ticketing as much as possible due to duplication
    • Prefer to rip tickets as fans go through
    • Preference for fans to be able to scan tickets and FO agrees, though expensive infrastructure to accommodate
  • Season ticket renewal begins mid-August
    • Launch and invoicing in mid-August with mid-September deadline to renew
    • More time to make payments with monthly payment option (20% down plus four payments)
    • Timing more on-par with MLS standard
    • AC to help advertise via social media and word-of-mouth
    • FO accommodating AC request to message as early as possible
    • Information about STH deposits to be distributed at PDX and Tottenham matches
    • AC input re proper incentive to renew in full versus via payment plan
    • Difficult to add seats at this time and priority based on when tickets were purchased
  • Idea of scarf alternative for STHs
    • Choice of basic Club merchandise (e.g., hat, shirt or ProShop credit)
    • Recognition for years as STH (e.g., tiered gift options)
  • Design contest planned for next season scarf
    • Taylor assisting in creating the timeline
    • Process of receiving submissions to be altered to eliminate personal information from view
    • FO to provide more guidance in advance re trademark guidelines
  • Plans to include friendly in next season ticket package
    • 18-match schedule
    • AC would prefer ability to opt-out of friendly
    • Too much stress with regular season, Open Cup, friendly match, etc.
    • No high value for seeing visiting club
    • If unable to opt-out, would prefer:
  • Beginning of season over middle
  • More competitive match and not just EPL clubs
  • International friendly between two clubs other than SSFC
  • Possibility of opening up just part of 300 level rather than whole thing
  • AC may not representative of “average” soccer fan
  • Motivation for scheduling friendly to attract fans that do not usually attend SSFC matches
  • Tottenham match exceeding expectations; FO will contact non-usual attendees post-match
  • Seating options
  • Sections 120-124 both upper and lower should be marked as supporters section (currently only lower is marked)
  • Best to notify STHs near supporter sections that seats may have obstructed view given proximity
  • Seating for away supporters mandated by league; loge seating preferred, if possible within mandate guidelines
  • AC support for FO
  • Stress importance of inclusivity in the stands; every fan should have a positive experience
  • Fan base will grow if experience is as inclusive as possible for all who attend
  • Defend and support FO decisions when discussing with fans

IV. Open items – pushed to August agenda

V. Open Discussion

  • August ownership meeting
  • Date/time TBD – Stephanie Steiner to lead in scheduling
  • August 10 prior to 7:00 p.m. pm match suggested
  • Stephanie Steiner to lead in scheduling
  • Championship banners and other asks to be put in budget going forward
  • AC to draft banner samples for meeting
  • August AC meeting
  • No lease on FIC, so maintain meeting space at CenturyLink
  • Ownership meeting separate from regular AC meeting
  • New AC member bios and photos to be sent to Dan Roe as soon as possible

VI. Adjournment – meeting adjourned

Meeting Minutes: May 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field Event Center

Present (22 of 48): Kyle Boyd, Samuel Chesneau, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Michael Dollard, Woody Favinger, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Andres Mills Gallego, Kris Mysdyke, Jerry Neil, Randy Nunez, Derek Pells, Likkit Pocinwong, Brian Prouty, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Patrick Van Der Hyde, Dylan Vanderhoof, Brendan Vaughn

Guest: Shellie Roberts

Next meeting: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

  • Call to order – Paul Cox
  • Roll call – Angelica Mendoza
    1. 22 of 48 members present
    2. 17 needed to establish quorum
    3. New members introduced
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting – Paul Cox

April minutes approved

  • FO guest speaker – Shellie Roberts
  • Game Day Presentation Manager
  • Began with Seahawks in 2008 working with Corporate Partners and SSFC in 2009
  • All other match day presentation employees are contractors
  • Would like to incorporate fans in match day activities to ensure that it’s entertaining and all are represented
  • Regular distribution of surveys and monitoring of website for fan feedback
  • Six in-house cameras for broadcast with three television cameras
  • Big screen projection
    • Request to pan out to show more action on field and get a better idea of ball location on the pitch rather than close-up on player reaction
    • Explanation of goal of allowing all to see tight shots so that “there isn’t a bad seat in the stadium”
    • Unable to utilize full screen due to advertising requirements
  • Replays
    • Preference for more replays
    • Explanation that any potentially controversial play may only be replayed once at regular speed while the ball is back in play; fined if guidelines are not followed
  • Stat boards
    • Positive feedback on stat boards
    • For stats only and not available for video
  • Audio
    • Three announcements/advertisements allowed per half at pre-determined times outside of play
    • Feedback that sound levels were too high pre-match and too low during match
    • Audio engineers constantly monitoring sound levels and quality
  • Confetti
    • City disallowed confetti from matches as it cannot be contained within the building only
    • FO exploring water soluble alternative that comes in white only
  • Band
    • Able to turn band microphones on and off as needed
    • Requests for band to refrain from paying during Boom-Boom-Clap and player name call and repeat post-goal
    • Idea of song after each goal (e.g., 45-second fight song)
  • 40th Anniversary Celebration
    • October 10
    • FO communicating with former players from both teams; focus will be on SSFC however
    • Council generated ideas are welcomed and should be sent to Likkit Pocinwong and Paul Cox
  • Idea of crowd announcing goals
    • Announcer: “Sounders FC”
    • Crowd: “Goal”
    • Player name call and repeat three times
    • ECS to discuss with Shellie potentially lead in the future
  • May 17 match
    • First full stadium match
    • Audio recording of crowd in the stands to capture Seattle Sounders call and repeat, player names and goal(s)
    • Line-ups post-anthem; suggestion to do this at all matches, if possible
  • Shellie welcomes feedback at any time, and meeting with work group throughout season


  • Open items
    1. Supporter group recognition – Samuel Chesneau – No update
  • Alliance table – Leann Johnson
    • First tabling went well
    • FO provided limited quantity of giveaways
    • Information and comment cards available
    • Let STHs know that they are Alliance Members
    • Big interest in Junior Alliance and question re who in the FO is handling now
    • Seeking volunteers for future matches; needed two hours before kick
  • 2015 STH benefits – Brian Prouty
    • Need to determine how this will overlap with Match Pass rewards
    • Will meet with Taylor Graham soon to discuss
  • Council tasks – Stephanie Steiner
    • Lead and Executive Committee liaison assigned to each work group

Lead                                                   Liaison                               

  • Fan Innovation Center (FIC) Paul Cox (PC)                 PC
  • Voting/Elections Brendan Vaughn                              Stephanie Steiner (SS)
  • Match Day Table Leann Johnson                               PC
  • Supporter Group Recognition Samuel Chesneau          Daniel Roe (DR)
  • Charity Group Recognition Angelica Mendoza (AM)      AM
  • Championship Banners Cameron Collins                     PC
  • Website/Social Media Pablo Mendoza                        AM
  • 40th Anniversary Likkit Pocinwong                             DR
  • Scarf Design Kris Mysdyke                                        DR
  • FO Presentations Roberta King                                 SS
  • STH Benefits Brian Prouty (BP)                                 BP
  • Third Kit PC                                                            PC
  • AC Logo Likkit Pocinwong                                        DR
  • Year End Meeting TBD                                            All
  • Match Pass Jerry Neil                                              BP
  • Open Discussion
    • Recap of transition discussion from owners meeting – Paul Cox
      • Staff are 100% committed to SSFC only
      • Good time to establish positive, working relationship between FO and AC
      • FIC as opportunity to generate additional revenue while displaying history of soccer in Seattle
  • Adjournment

Motion to adjourn passed