Meeting Minutes: June 2019

Meeting Minutes: June 4th,  2019



June 4th, 2019 – 7:00 PM


Present (11 of 18): Cameron Collins, Carmen Hall, Dan Roe, Duane Nakamura, Jeff Williams, Jerry Neil, Kelsey Gallo, Lisa Angeles, Martin Buckley, Nicholaus Biela, and Stephanie Steiner.

Absent (7): Alex Eagleton, Ben Slager, Louis Garcia, Molly Wagner, Darla Langdon, Chris Urquart and Todd Cowles.

Via telephone none

I. Call to order:
 Martin Buckley 7:02 PM

  1. Roll. Jeff Williams:  11 of 18 present at 7.00pm.

III. Executive committee At Large Position Vote: Social Media
Cameron Collins and Nicholaus Biela were elected to voting committee.

Four candidates self-nominated. After short nominating speeches a paper vote was taken.

Kelsey Gallo was elected to the Executive Committee At Large position. Kelsey will report on her plans next meeting.

  1. Chick-fil-A and potential league-wide sponsorship.
    Alliance Council is aware of long running rumors regarding a League-wide commercial sponsorship with Chick-fil-a.

A long conversation discussed multiple concerns around this. The main concern is that the League has promoted various campaigns and awareness activities to support inclusion and diversity (Soccer for All, Don’t Cross the Line) – while Chick-fil-A, the Chick-fil-A Foundation and other associated entities have historically shown behavior and funding which is in opposition to these goals. In addition Alliance Council recognized that Seattle Sounders FC, ownership, players and front office have repeatedly shown behavior which support diversity and inclusion.

A secret ballot was held amongst Council to determine whether this was a conversation we wished to bring to the league. There was unanimous support for this from Council.

A workgroup was formed to create a letter, talking points and a social media campaign – to land before 25th June 2019. Cameron, Carmen, Nicholaus, Dan will do the wordsmithing on the formal letter.

  1. Outreach update
    Nicholaus is looking for information to support outreach.
  2. Final wrap up of Player Recognition
    The final notes from the Player Recognition project were reviewed – and will be minuted for future activity.
  3. Working session: Best XI
    The Alliance Council Best XI process was discussed. The voting site will be open until close of the week.

A long conversation regarding individual selection criteria for Best XI was entertaining. Noted thanks to the Club for including Alliance Council.

  1. Other business

Carmen will talk to Front Office on Friday about scarf vote. Process and timeline will be posted on Teams. Similar to last year – designs submitted, Council selects best five, Alliance wide voting, prototype scarves for final five, scarves on display at fan event in August.

No date for the fan event yet – likely to be late August.

Surveyed the council 16 of 19 responded

The business meeting is to be streamed at a venue for about 500 towards the end of August.

Cleanup on bylaw 9, part of the law was not posted but is updated now.

Molly Wagner is now ex officio status

Adjourn: 8:48 PM


Meeting Minutes: May 2019

Meeting Minutes: May 2019



May 7th, 2019 – 7:00 PM


Present (16 of 19): Alex Eagleton, Ben Slager, Cameron Collins, Carmen Hall, Dan Roe, Duane Nakamura Jeff Williams, Jerry Neil, Kelsey Gallo, Lisa Angeles, Louis Garcia, Martin Buckley, Nicholaus Biela, Stephanie Steiner, and Todd Cowles.

Absent (3): Molly Wagner, Darla Langdon, Chris Urquart

Via telephone none

I. Call to order:  Martin Buckley 7:00 PM

Jessie Kilgore offered his resignation from Council, which was accepted.

Duane Nakamura is newly voted onto Council. Duane was welcomed and introductions made.

II. Roll. Jeff Williams:  16 of 19 present at 7.00pm.

III. Martin review on Player recognition wrap-up.
Wrap up workgroup on player recognition. Molly to send the email out with the wrap-up.

IV. Todd Presentation of the Rave foundation.

A summary of the plans the Rave foundation is planning. A small discussion on the great things the Rave are planning to Lead, serve, and invest. We were asking how the council can get more involved and coincide with the mission of the board. A request for the rave group to get up information sooner than later to help up plan. Darla went over some historical notes. Todd would help us bridge the partnership. The alliance can help promote.

V. Update: Social media plan and next steps.
Nicholas is heading the charge of how we need to use our tools to educate people on what is the council involvement. We will need to recruit additional help when the fan base increases to 30,000 season tickets. We brainstormed ideas to help drive the hits to social media.
Ideas: monthly mention in a magazine, content to include blogs, twitter, looking for material to regularly get information to the alliance members.
We need to educate people on the Yearly business meeting, scarf vote, fan event. Using these contacts for self-promotion.
We are looking for ways to get fan feedback and ideas to recruit more involved members.

VI. Working session:

We decided not to comment on the new code of conduct at this time. There was an open discussion on how it would be related to fan experience. We mentioned what items could be brought to the council for consideration.

Some of the ideas for driving awareness:

Scarf vote jersey planning, questionnaire.Fan appreciation day has the alliance council hand out the maps for signature places.
3 people can post to twitter, Molly can gather items.
Smaller events for the season ticket holders, example first day of practice.
Cards in the seats, information at seats.
Commit to every game to take fan pictures.
Pin and Pamphlet in the fan experience box.
Identify the council at games, bring awareness.
Promote scarf, jersey, garth visit regular parts of being a council member.
Partner with Rave at a bowling event.
Guest blog on Twitter.
Birthday acknowledgments.
Membership cards in the box.
GM vote and planning.
Branding Cups, napkins.
Some mention in the nightly pregame.

VII. Owner Meeting with Adrian and FO May 11th.

We wanted to review how the council has developed and to what is in store for the council in the next 10 years. How does the alliance fit into the Sounders future plans?

Adjourn: 8:53 PM

Meeting Minutes: April 2019



2 April 2019 – 7.00 pm

Present (11 of 18): Lisa Angeles, Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Todd Cowles, Alex Eagleton, Carmen Hall, Darla Langdon, Jerry Neil, Ben Slager, Stephanie Steiner, and Chris Urquhart.
Via telephone (1): Daniel Roe.
Absent (6): Nicholaus Biela, Kelsey Gallo, Louis Garcia, Jesse Kilgore, Molly Wagner, and Jeff Williams.

I. Call to order – Martin Buckley

II. Roll – Cameron Collins: 11 of 18 Present

III. Update: Player Recognition – Molly Wagner
Tabled until next meeting.

IV. Update: 2021 Jersey Subgroup – Cameron Collins & Stephanie Steiner           
The jersey subgroup met with Taylor Graham, Seattle Sounders Vice President of Operations, to discuss the 2021 kit and adidas’ vision. The subgroup will be providing ideas to the Club on inspirations for the kit. If the larger Council would like to provide feedback, it can be submitted through Cameron or Stephanie.

V. Alliance Council Mission/Vision – Martin Buckley            
Council discussed the Mission Statement created at the March Meeting.  After review, it was adopted unanimously as below:

The Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Council strives to achieve the best fan experience in North American soccer and to build upon our historical foundation in order to preserve the Club we love.           

We do this by being the voice of the fan and by upholding the principles of Democracy in Sports.

VI. Alliance Council Future Structure – Martin Buckley

Currently, the Council is pretty well distributed throughout the Stadium, more so than the Council has ever been before. The question before the subgroup has been, “how does the Alliance Council work to be representative as the Council grows?” Doing so in a more strategic manner would allow for more information sharing, increased participation, and emphasis of areas of the stadium where representation is lacking. One suggestion to achieve this would be to have the equivalent of “Section Mayors,” where Council Members would represent the section where they sit. This model would allow for “at-large” members, such that there could be more than one representative from a specific section.

The group has also looked at different structures for the Council itself, including quarterly meetings for a larger Council and then monthly meetings for an increased-in-size Executive Committee.

Council will target the summer fan event to grow Alliance Council and get more information to and from the fan base.

VII. Other Business and Open Discussion 

  1. Away Game Travel: Alex Eagleton has continued to look in to the notion of allowing Alliance Members away game travel experiences. He will continue to research the topic.
  2. Inclusion: Chris Urquhart would like the Council to do something surrounding World Autism Awareness Day next year. Council agreed that this would be a great idea.

VIII. Adjournment

Moved. Seconded. Council votes unanimously to adjourn.

Meeting Minutes: March 2019



5 March 2019 – 7.00 pm

Present (15 of 19): Alex Eagleton, Cameron Collins, Carmen Hall, Dan Roe, Lisa Angeles, Louis Garcia, Gilbert Ko, Jeff Williams, Jerry Neil, Kelsey Gallo, Martin Buckley, Nicholaus Biela, Molly Wagner, Stephanie Steiner, Todd Cowles
Absent (2): Ben Slager, Chris Urquart
Via telephone (2): Darla Langdon, Jesse Kilgore

I. Call to order: Martin Buckley

II. Roll. Jeff Williams: 15 of 19 present

III. Working session: Alliance future state

Martin gave an overview of how the council started, numbers of Alliance Members and numbers on Alliance Council. The club goal is “to fill CenturyLink” by mid 2020’s.

The question is how Alliance Council is ready and adapting to this? Martin displayed the situation of where we are today. We created a map on where the current Alliance Council members are situated within the stadium.

We perceive there could be up to 50,000 Alliance Members in the next ten years. We want to be more representative in all aspects; demographics, stadium coverage.

Discussions were centered on several topics.

  • What is the Alliance?
  • are new fans aware of what the Alliance is?
  • are fans aware of the Alliance Council? What the purpose of Alliance Council is?
  • How do you join Alliance Council? What being part of Alliance Council means?

Discussion on Hurdles we are facing.

We have ten years of history and in looking to the future the discussion on what some of the challenges we are facing and how the Alliance and Alliance Council are perceived. We believe that the majority of current Season Ticket members do not have tenure back to 2009 – and we will need to work to educate them on being an Alliance member. We need to have the Season Ticket membership buy into the emotional part of being a fan.

We had a conversation on how we are interacting with the Front Office, positive and negative. One of the pillars of the front office is Community, and the Alliance is a large part of that.

A North Star.

Some workshop and discussion about “what is the Alliance” and “what is the Alliance Council” led to a need for a mission statement, or North Star, for the Alliance Council.

Key themes included:

  • looking forward
  • represent all Alliance members
  • help with the fan experience
  • enrich the fan experience
  • encourage the emotional hook
  • establish pride
  • speak with a unified voice on behalf of the communities we represent.

To help focus on this direction we wrote a draft of the mission statement:

The Alliance Council strives to achieve the best fan experience in North American soccer and to preserve the Club we love.
We accomplish this by being the voice of the fan and upholding the principles of Democracy in Sports.

IV. Other business

The summary of the Player Recognition project will be emailed to the Council for discussion next month.

The value menu did not show well enough and needs to have better placement, this will be passed to the Front Office team.

Adjourn: 8:58 PM

Addendum: Gilbert Ko submitted his resignation, and it was accepted.