Alliance Council Meeting

7 pm, Wednesday, July 17, 2013

101 Elliott Building, Suite 110

Attendees (22/45): Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Stephanie Steiner, Mark Winchester, Ron Lamb, Paul Cox, Cameron Collins, Derek Pells, Matt Oak, Jerry Neil, Kris Myske, Dan Roe, Glenn White, Heather Satterburg, Dylan Vanderhoof, Mike Dollard, Leann Johnson, Likkit Pocinwong, Brian Winchester, Brendan Vaughn, Danni Blue, Roberta King.

Sounders FC: Taylor Graham

  1. Scarf Design Contest – Dan Roe
    Dan reported that the club has produced a design template for the 2014 scarf. Designs will be limited to 5 colors, including white, and must include either the SSFC crest or “Sounders FC.” Taylor said the club would like the contest to be as inclusive as possible and encourage creativity. The club is getting a web submittal site ready to launch, and is developing a schedule for the contest. The FO proposes to sort through the entries and pass them on for council to pick five for an Alliance-wide vote. Council discussed idea of using the term “Alliance Member” vs. Season Ticket Member to help promote the concept of the Alliance and democracy in sports.
  2. Committee for connecting and interacting with Alliance – Brendan Vaughn
    Brendan has posted ideas for improving match day experience on the Council’s Google Group for review and encouraged Council to add to it. There are a number of improvements that Council may seek, individually or collectively. Discussion continued from last month regarding outreach by the Alliance Council, and how to improve visibility of the Council and the Alliance, including ideas about developing collective goals and what value Council adds to Alliance members and the Club. Stephanie suggested that these broader questions need input from all Council members, not just the committee.
  3. Alliance Council status – Stephanie Steiner
    With current Council membership at 45, there is a concern about having a quorum present for Council meetings. The number needed for a quorum is 23 (50% +1), while the number of members attending has been close to the 50% mark for meetings this season. Stephanie offered to send an email to members who haven’t attended Council meetings this year to find out if they intend to participate. Council discussed potential options such as asking non-participants to resign, changing the by-laws to create an inactive member status, or reducing the number needed for a quorum.
  4. New CenturyLink security procedures – Paul Cox
    The use of new metal detector wands at the July 3 match left many unhappy fans outside the gates at kickoff and raised many questions and concerns about the new policy. The Club has promised improvements for future matches. Taylor provided an update from the front office, relaying that the Club wants to have the safest venue in the U.S. He noted that MLS had applauded the move to increase security. Taylor informed Council that the Club will ensure that there are more people with wands who are better prepared at upcoming matches, and opening the south gate that has not previously been used for Sounders games. Additionally, the Club will have SSFC ambassadors at all gates, as well as staff with radios stationed where they can see entrances and direct fans to less crowded gates. The Club has invited Council members to arrive early to observe the entrance procedures at the next match. Going forward, all events at CenturyLink will have the same security precautions in place.
  5. Next meeting – Paul Cox
    – Sunday, August 11 is the next regular business meeting. A meeting with SSFC ownership is still in the works.