July 8, 2014

7:00 p.m. CenturyLink Field

Present (17 of 48): Kyle Boyd, Cameron Collins, Paul Cox, Woody Favinger, Leann Johnson, Roberta King, Angelica Mendoza, Pablo Mendoza, Kris Mydske, Jerry Neil, Matt Oak, Brian Prouty, Stephanie Steiner, Patrick Van Der Hyde, Dylan Vanderhoof, Brendan Vaughn, Kristina Vaughn

Guests: Taylor Graham, Mikaela Purvis, Ian Winklmann

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

I. Call to order – Paul Cox

II. Roll call – Angelica Mendoza

a) 17 of 48 members present

b) 13 needhttps://login.secureserver.net/index.php?app=wbeed to establish quorum

III. FO guest speakers – Mikaela Purvis and Ian Winklmann

  • Mikaela – Fan Relations Manager, and Ian – Ticket Sales Manager
  • Both with SSFC for over a year
  • Biggest challenge so far is Galaxy match date change due to League, City and television partner decision
    • Solution not ideal, but FO doing everything it can to accommodate fans with issues due to date change
    • Happy hour atmosphere pre-match; pre-match pint pricing until kickoff, 20% discount on t-shirts and tank tops, souvenir cup with purchase, and double Match Pass points
  • Starfire match ticketing
    • Avoid electronic ticketing as much as possible due to duplication
    • Prefer to rip tickets as fans go through
    • Preference for fans to be able to scan tickets and FO agrees, though expensive infrastructure to accommodate
  • Season ticket renewal begins mid-August
    • Launch and invoicing in mid-August with mid-September deadline to renew
    • More time to make payments with monthly payment option (20% down plus four payments)
    • Timing more on-par with MLS standard
    • AC to help advertise via social media and word-of-mouth
    • FO accommodating AC request to message as early as possible
    • Information about STH deposits to be distributed at PDX and Tottenham matches
    • AC input re proper incentive to renew in full versus via payment plan
    • Difficult to add seats at this time and priority based on when tickets were purchased
  • Idea of scarf alternative for STHs
    • Choice of basic Club merchandise (e.g., hat, shirt or ProShop credit)
    • Recognition for years as STH (e.g., tiered gift options)
  • Design contest planned for next season scarf
    • Taylor assisting in creating the timeline
    • Process of receiving submissions to be altered to eliminate personal information from view
    • FO to provide more guidance in advance re trademark guidelines
  • Plans to include friendly in next season ticket package
    • 18-match schedule
    • AC would prefer ability to opt-out of friendly
    • Too much stress with regular season, Open Cup, friendly match, etc.
    • No high value for seeing visiting club
    • If unable to opt-out, would prefer:
  • Beginning of season over middle
  • More competitive match and not just EPL clubs
  • International friendly between two clubs other than SSFC
  • Possibility of opening up just part of 300 level rather than whole thing
  • AC may not representative of “average” soccer fan
  • Motivation for scheduling friendly to attract fans that do not usually attend SSFC matches
  • Tottenham match exceeding expectations; FO will contact non-usual attendees post-match
  • Seating options
  • Sections 120-124 both upper and lower should be marked as supporters section (currently only lower is marked)
  • Best to notify STHs near supporter sections that seats may have obstructed view given proximity
  • Seating for away supporters mandated by league; loge seating preferred, if possible within mandate guidelines
  • AC support for FO
  • Stress importance of inclusivity in the stands; every fan should have a positive experience
  • Fan base will grow if experience is as inclusive as possible for all who attend
  • Defend and support FO decisions when discussing with fans

IV. Open items – pushed to August agenda

V. Open Discussion

  • August ownership meeting
  • Date/time TBD – Stephanie Steiner to lead in scheduling
  • August 10 prior to 7:00 p.m. pm match suggested
  • Stephanie Steiner to lead in scheduling
  • Championship banners and other asks to be put in budget going forward
  • AC to draft banner samples for meeting
  • August AC meeting
  • No lease on FIC, so maintain meeting space at CenturyLink
  • Ownership meeting separate from regular AC meeting
  • New AC member bios and photos to be sent to Dan Roe as soon as possible

VI. Adjournment – meeting adjourned