7:00 p.m. The NINETY

Present: (10 of 32):    Dan Roe, Kristina Vaughn, Kris Mydske, Mark Nesteroff, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Roberta King, Karl Picard, Mike Dollard, Stephanie Steiner (via phone conference)

Next meeting:                              Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 7:00 PM

I. Call to order – Dan Roe

II. Roll call – Kristina Vaughn – 10 of 32 members present

III. Approval of minutes – Dan Roe – Tabled item due to minutes not being available

IV. Front Office Guest – Mikeala Purvis – Fan Relations Manager

  1. 2016 Renewal process has begun with preliminary emails going out to current STH
  2. Renewal rate is greater than 90%; going to have conversation with remaining 10% of STH
  3. Looking into new option for renewal process
    1. Sounders Til I Die” – Auto-Renewal
      1. Credit card held on file
    2. SG Work Group Update – Mark Nesteroff
      1. An opinion of the group is to not be involved in this
      2. Do we eliminate Bylaw #7?
      3. Mark propose to strike Bylaw #7; Cameron seconds; Vote to happen at the July meeting
      4. Dan moves to table SG revision; Cameron seconds; motion passes
    3. Visability Work Group Update – Roberta King
      1. The first blog (written by Stephanie) is one month old and not posted to website as of this date
      2. Spoke with Shane Evans
        1. “Minutes to be written by Karl
        2. “Op-ed” article
          1. Topics list to be compiled by volunteers
          2. Posted every other week
        3. Social media – currently running through Karl and Stephanie
          1. 2038 followers
          2. Trying to keep with 2.5 tweets per day
  • Found that pictures drive activity
  1. Alliance Council Table
    1. Need something to pass out
      1. Buttons/pins?
  • GM Vote Work Group Update – Cameron/Stephanie
    1. Discussion on Front Office’s POV
      1. Every 4 years for GM vote after start of “term”
    2. Weighted voting vs non-weighted voting
    3. Recall – Goal is to vote on this at the August meeting

Adjournment – Dan moves to adjourn meeting, Mark seconds – motion passes