Photo by Stephanie Steiner

By Stephanie Steiner

November 7, 2015

Not a whole lot to report this time around.  We amended the last of the bylaws that we’d been working on for 2015. Whew! That is D.O.N.E.  Soooooo sexy (not!). But it needed to be done so that the 2016 council can start fresh – you know, because having fun is way more fun than not having fun.  Oh wait, that’s my dating site headline.  No wonder I gave up on that. I’ll be here all week, tip your servers well.

Most of what we talked about was our plan for the Annual Business Meeting, the questions we’ve received so far, our meeting with owners, and trying not to get nervous for the presentations we’ll be making in front of all of you (it’s so not working).  We also let everyone know that Q13 will make a TV special out of the event. That means that anyone who will make a presentation who wasn’t nervous previously (or pretending well) isn’t bothering to pretend any longer. We’re toast. On the plus side, the Paramount Theater now allows grown up sippy cups for grown up beverages.  That will help most of you, but I’m a total lightweight. If I try to calm my nerves at this point, I’ll be comatose – so be nice, please – it’s hard to be me.

See you Thursday!