February 2, 2016 – 7:00 PM – The NINETY


Present (14 of 23): Martin Buckley, Cameron Collins, Craig Dillon, Michael Dollard, Bill Kaczaraba, Thom Kephart, Angelica Germani, Jeremy Monsivais, Jerry Neil, Mark Nesteroff, Daniel Roe, Stephanie Steiner, Hans Ulland, and Kristina Vaughn

Via telephone (4): Roberta King, Brian Prouty, Jeff Randle, Brendan Vaughn

Absent (5): Samuel Chesneau, Paul Cox, Eric Flatness, Nick Gibson, Karl Picard

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

  • Introduce Taylor Graham, Megan West, and Mikaela Purvis – Stephanie Steiner
  • Roll – Angelica Germani: 14 of 23 Present
  • Call to order – Stephanie Steiner (Executive Committee President)
    • Taylor Graham – New App
    • No Matchpass or paper tickets, mobile only
    • Announcement next week, although already teased
    • Sounders building their own new app – digital content, loyalty of ticketing, seat designation, voting, real time data and communication re: date/time changes (push notifications), matchday magazine in digital format, S2 incorporated and partner offers
    • There was 100% attendance for playoffs using the Ticketmaster print option, so the club is confident that this will work.


  • Mikaela Purvis – Service Teams
    • Service teams Monday-Friday & matchdays
    • Now neighborhood model based on where you sit – share rep with seat neighbors
    • Present on matchday to help mediate issues
    • Contact rep through app
    • Block of neighborhood parties in the works


  • Megan West – Matchpass
    • Addressing feedback and issues
    • Mobile Matchpass w/ no points going forward
    • Free enter to win options
    • Buy now option; every dollar goes to charity or enter to win
    • Reciprocal arrangement w/ fan engagement
    • Charity plan: 1/3 to Rave Foundation, 1/3 to Community Partners, 1/3 to AC Community Partners. Rotate community partners per match or periodically. Will report midseason how it goes.
    • May add inventory to Matchpass as it becomes available (e.g. vacant suites). There will be a range of cost of items. The shift away from points program is something they believe other teams will do as well
  • AC will work in partnership with TG, MP, MW on AC needs. Will engage in corporate partnerships (one hour focus group? Date/time to be announced)


  • Taylor Graham – Voting
    • Designation process → cannot collect new data until app is online. AC Voting needs STH and designee info. Primary account holder and assigned designees being able to vote. Info will be uploaded in to new app.
    • Should we only allow primaries to vote at this point and not designees
    • Designees are wiped if seat location is moved or no. of seats changes
    • Must input different email access for each account to designate


  • Approval of Minutes from November Meeting – Stephanie Steiner

Approved as drafted


  • Old Business: Stephanie Steiner

Cameron and Stephanie went thru entire Constitution & Bylaws and formatted and fixed typos. Nothing substantive was changed. But, based upon the review, a lot of changes need to be made.


  • New Business: Stephanie Steiner
    • Elections
    • President – Stephanie Steiner nominated. Elected unopposed.
    • Vice-President – Kristina Vaughan nominated. Elected unopposed.
    • Secretary – Cameron Collins nominated. Elected unopposed.
    • Executive Committee – Cameron Collins, Dan Roe, Martin Buckley, Bill Kaczaraba nominated for EC. CC elected as secretary of EC. MB elected at-large. DR and BK tied for final at-large position 7 votes to 7 votes. BK withdrew and DR elected at-large to EC.


  • Work Groups: Stephanie Steiner

Two ways to create a workgroup → (I) AC can vote workgroup in to place and (ii) Executive Committee can do so (in years past, the executive committee has done it because we don’t always have quorum to do so at AC meetings)

  • Existing Work Groups
  • Council Bio
  • GM Vote
  • Member Eligibility – Do we want to charge people to join the Alliance? Purchasing Alliance Memberships? Is $125 too much or too little? What about S2 season ticket holders.
  • Supporter Group recognition
  • Alliance Council Visibility
  • Charity Partnership – MB proposes renaming the charity group to Community Outreach. Seconded and passes unanimously.
  • Scarf Vote
  • Matchpass
  • Jock tag and Necktape (we are done thru 2017, next chance to be involved is 2018) – By unanimous vote group renamed to Kit
  • Annual Meeting Questions* – does this need to be a workgroup or just take volunteers?
  • End of Year Meeting
  • Season Ticket Holder Giveaways
  • Presentations from the FO


  • Proposed Work Groups
    • Constitution & Bylaws (passes unanimously)
    • Budget (passes unanimously)
    • Sitting vs. Standing (came from end of year questions) – After discussion, this group is proposed as Seating Expectations and passes unanimously. Will discussed all issues related to seating in stadium.


  • Publishing vote results by council member: Stephanie Steiner

Some people have asked for transparency in terms of who is voting for what. They want to see how each councilmember voted (yes, no, abstain)… they also want to see more blog entries and to be heard from us giving the different sides of the issue

This is coming from STMs during the Sonar Feed interview that Stephanie did.

Discussion of pros versus cons of doing this.

  1. Con issues are privacy, harassment, that there is no why behind it as they won’t be able to hear our reasons, we are speaking as a council.
  2. Pros are transparency, the ability for people to respond to the way specific people vote,
    Some discussion on 6.2 of the Constitution where it says President can only speak on behalf of the Council and how this rule only applyies to when the President speaks as the public face of the Council.
  3. what is the value to individuals outside this organizations? Discussion on the negatives outweighing the positives since we are not a governing body. Discussion on not allowing fellow councilmembers to be bullied if votes are public.


  • Adjournment – Motion to adjourn passes