Meeting Minutes: October 1, 2019



Oct 1st 2019 – 7:00 PM


Present (12 of 15): Martin Buckley, Stephanie Steiner, Nicholaus Biela, Ben Slager, Jeff Williams, Todd Cowles, Cameron Collins, Dan Roe, Carmen Hall, Lisa Angeles, Louis Garcia, Duane Nakamura

Absent (1): Alex Eagleton, Jerry Neil, Kelsey Gallo

Via telephone none

I. Call to order:  Martin Buckley 7:00 PM

II. Roll. Martin Buckley:  12 of 15 present at 7.00pm

III. Special Guest

Will Bruin joined Alliance Council for an informal discussion about his career, time at the Sounders and life in Seattle.

IV. Election of Alliance Council Secretary

Lisa Angeles was announced as Secretary by proclamation. Thank you Lisa for keeping our records until the close of the business year.

IV. Proposed amendment to Bylaw 3

Cameron Collins and Dan Roe proposed an amendment to Bylaw 3 to clarify and improve how the Alliance Council and Executive are able to draft and release Opinion Statements. After some discussion the proposed modification will move forward to Second Reading at the November 2019 meeting

V. Proposed amendment to Constitution Article 6.

Cameron Collins and Stephanie Steiner proposed an amendment to the Alliance Constitution to clarify how members of the Executive Committee can be removed. After some discussion this will be re-visited at the November 2019 meeting. Of specific interest were the process around notification, right to reply and the timing.

V. Adjourn

The meeting closed at 9.00pm